Electrical Eggs UK is a fan-run, non-profit making organisation, which was established in 1995 and launched at Intersection, the 53rd World Science Fiction convention in Glasgow.

Our original aim was to raise awareness about the barriers faced by fans with special needs and explore ways to make fan events more accessible, in compliance with the Equalities Act (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act). A guide to good practice was produced to assist con organisers to make their events more accessible and where possible, on site support was provided for those last minute hiccups! Fans with special needs were invited to register with Eggs UK, which maintained a database of service requirements & medical alert information, to avoid repetitive form filling and requests.

Since 2005, Eggs UK has taken a step back from direct involvement. With legislation for access to services well established, seasoned con organisers have adjusted & adapted their planning to anticipate for fans with special needs. Eggs UK continues to provide advice regarding any access queries, particularly to event organisers with limited experience, and also providing advocacy support for fans who feel they have been unfairly excluded or treated at conventions.