Electrical Eggs UK is extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us.

Many of them were also service users, having benefited from the introduction of our Access Service at conventions. Several acted as ‘Eggvocates’ or volunteered to do something on our behalf, such as David A. Hardy who produced an ‘eggsellent’ piece of artwork for some limited edition T-shirts.

Without these supporters & volunteers, it would have been very hard to achieve so much and endeavour to ensure that everyone was helped & not hindered to get the most out of science fiction conventions across the UK. There is no comprehensive list, and we may forget a few names (apologies), but here are some who deserve credit:

Samanda Jeude (Egg Head, USA); Mike ‘Sparks’ Rennie; John Wilkes; Vince Docherty; ‘Maniac’; Marcia Kelly Illingworth; SMS; Jaeson Finn; Tony ‘Blind Pew’ Smith; PHACE Scotland (now Terence Higgins Trust Scotland) and J&B Promotions for publishing assistance; The British Library, which stores copies of our former newsletter, The Hatchery; Dave Hardy; Mike Quin (our wonderful Web Master); Bob ‘NoJay’ Sneddon; Andy Croft; Clifford Croft MBE; Joe & Gay Haldeman; Lisanne Norman; Anne Page; RNIB, RNID; Disability Now; Equalities Commission (formerly the Disability Rights Commission); Shopmobility (Glasgow); Capability Scotland; ENABLE; Epilepsy Action Scotland; The Centre for Independent Living (Glasgow); the British Red Cross; Jack Meacham.

Sadly, some of our friends have passed including: Harry & Joan Harrison, Anne McCaffrey, Al Darragh, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Michael Sheard, KIM Campbell, Diane Wynne Jones, Jim & Peggy White.